How to customize the all new Android 12 widgets – Guide

Android not only adds a little flair to the quality of life department, it also provides many new AI-driven processing capabilities. With the addition of Material You, wallpapers are more UI-consistent, which many people appreciate in their Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Also, Google widgets work well together and are simple to configure, allowing you to further customize the Android 12 experience. First, to add a widget to the home screen, long-tap your wallpaper. A small menu will appear – tap on Widgets. Depending on how many apps you have installed, the menu can be quite long. After tapping the app you want to get a widget from, a dropdown menu will appear with one or a few widgets. Hold and drag the desired item and you will be taken to the home screen to choose an empty space to place it. Some widgets are customizable on the home screen. You’ll know if it’s pressing it for a long time until it appears up. After releasing, there might be a small pencil in the lower right corner of the widget. Press the pencil and you’ll be taken to a style screen where you can choose the widget’s appearance. A good example of a customizable widget is, again, the clock widget. Another way to customize is to adjust the size. Some of the Google widgets on Android 12 change shape depending on how much space you give them. For example, the weather widget under “Google” in the widgets menu will take some shapes depending on size. In a 2 x 2 square, the weather widget will have a bubble shape at an angle to the temperature and cloud cover. On a 2×1 the widget will be a wide bubble with the same indicators. When the widget is 3 x 2, it will be a large bubble that also shows the source of information and the ups and downs of the day. Widgets on Android 12 are an extremely useful general tool to have on your home screen. Have the weather, time and photos exactly when you open your phone makes for a comforting and familiar experience. The best way to get to know widgets on Android 12 is to play around with them. Adjusting the size and customizing the widgets will allow you to make them look the way you like.

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How to customize the all new Android 12 widgets  2022  - 39How to customize the all new Android 12 widgets  2022  - 40How to customize the all new Android 12 widgets  2022  - 78How to customize the all new Android 12 widgets  2022  - 32