How to Customize the Google Discover Feeds – Guide

Many smartphone users now use Google News to keep up with what is happening in the world. The Google News and Google Discover feed displays events from around the world in the app. However, there are some things we don’t care about or don’t want to see in the news feed. So there are a few ways to customize your Google News and Google Discover feed and set it up up to show you content that really interests you. You can also block certain sources and save the stories you really like. In the Google News app, there are two main sections for news: For You and Headlines. Headlines display the most important events of the day and the latest content that most people follow. Typically, this section mainly displays political content. The For You section, on the other hand, displays content that Google thinks will interest you based on your previous searches or choices. Google searches, article views, and other factors all contribute to the algorithm that displays news articles tailored to you. Most of the time, what interests us is displayed, while in other cases, news sources and articles that do not interest you are displayed. up. To avoid seeing articles you don’t want to see, you can customize Google News to show articles you like.

How to customize Google Discover feeds

In the Google app

in your browser

follow new topics

unfollow topics

Another way to do this is to unfollow topics directly from the Discover feed. You will notice that each card has three menu button located in the lower right corner. Tap on it and choose one of the available options:

Bring back topics that were previously removed

Change how often you see certain topics

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