How to Customize the Workout stats See on an Apple Watch – Guide

When you’re ready to track a workout or activity, swipe through the different activities until you find the one you want. If you want to set your workout to specific calories, distance or time, tap the workout ellipsis icon and make your choice. Otherwise, tap the workout to begin. Pause your workout at any time by swiping right and tapping Pause. When done, swipe right and tap Finish. A summary screen shows your total time, calories and other data. On the summary screen, swipe down and tap Done to record your workout. You can set reminders on Apple Watch to start and stop a workout when the watch detects that you are exercising. If reminders are turned on and you have started a workout, your watch should automatically detect the activity you are doing and ask if you want to start recording it. The prompt to record appears as a notification on your watch and offers a few options: Record Workout, Change Workout, Silence for Today, and Discard. You can record your exercise when the watch detects the correct activity. The device should also prompt you to stop recording after it detects that you have finished your workout.

How to show a metric in workouts for Apple Watch

How to hide a metric in Apple Watch workouts

How to reorder metrics in workouts for Apple Watch

If you want to change the order in which metrics appear on Apple Watch, follow these steps.

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