How to Customize Windows 11 File Explorer – Guide

Microsoft dropped the names in Windows 11, opting for icons that do the same. The icons and UI changes made all the difference and made Windows 11 and its Explorer look beautiful. Let’s see how we can do different things in Explorer on Windows 11. We see folders and local disks in the navigation pane and selected file details in the details pane and a preview of the selected file in the preview pane. We can show or hide them in Explorer at any time with just a few clicks. To show or hide the Navigation, Details, and Preview panes, click the View button button in the Explorer menu bar and move the cursor to Show in Options. You’ll see options for navigation, details, and preview panes. Click on the window you want to show or hide. If there is a checkmark next to a panel option, it is enabled or visible in Explorer. Otherwise, it will be hidden. The ribbon-style menu disappeared and a new command bar was created. Interestingly, it cut, copy, paste, delete and share icons, but there are no labels. These icons shouldn’t pose much of a problem, but it might take some time for you to become familiar with the actions they perform.

Change folder icons

There aren’t many variations on Explorer’s default folder icon scheme. However, you can customize folders by changing their icons. Adding new icons to your most important folders makes identification easier. Here it is how to change folder icons in explorer.

Customize File Explorer with Winaero Tweaker

If you want more File Explorer customization options, check out the freeware Winaero Tweaker. This is an advanced customization program with which you can further tweak File Explorer to your liking. You can download and install Winaero in the following steps.

Enable single click to open files and folders

By default, Explorer is set to open items when you double-click them. However, you can change this by selecting a single-click option to open an item option. Then Explorer will open files and folders when you click on them. This is How to enable single click to open items.

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