The Home Screen, Dock, and folders on your iPhone may all be organized and customized in a variety of ways. These are my go-to methods for organizing clutter, making things simpler to find, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your iPhone Home Screen. We have mentioned steps below to Declutter Your Home Screen

4 Ways to Declutter Your Home Screen

Delete Unused Apps

We’ve all downloaded an app only to find out later that it is no longer useful or that our need for it has passed. Getting rid of unused apps on your phone will keep it running quickly and free of clutter, just like when you clean out and purge your home of items you no longer require. If you have an iPhone, you can check your battery’s consumption in the settings area to see how frequently you’ve used various apps over the past week. Installing an app usage tracker like Quality Time on your Android phone will allow you to keep tabs on your usage over the course of a few weeks. Most Android phones also display app usage in the settings if you don’t want to download yet another app.

Create Folders

You can keep everything on your home screen organized by making folders. Depending on your organizational approach, make a lot of folders or go with a small number. You can make folders based on programme type, usage, or any other system that appeals to you. (More to follow on that.) Folders assist in preventing clutter and distraction on your phone. Even organizing time-wasters like Facebook and Instagram into folders works for me. On my phone, it won’t be the first app to open this way.

Move apps with ease

If you’re in the habit of rearranging the apps on your home screens, whether by adding them to a folder or transferring them to a different page, pause what you’re doing and pick up many apps at once. When you are ready to move an app, long-press it and then wait until “jiggle mode” appears. Use a different finger to tap other apps you’d like to move while your finger is still holding the active app. They’ll magically affix themselves to the first app you select. Choose however many you want, then drag them all to the desired location.

Batch-delete apps with Apple Configurator

Let’s say you wish to delete apps completely from your iPhone instead than moving or hiding them. You’ll need a Mac, or a buddy with a Mac, and Apple Configurator to remove a lot of apps you no longer want from your iPhone without doing it one at a time, which takes a very long time. Apple created the app to let users to configure their Apple devices with particular apps, settings, and data. You can use it to batch-delete apps from your iPhone, but organizations like schools and businesses use it to configure user devices in accordance with their policies.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Declutter Your Home Screen. Folders can be useful if you still want quick access to your apps but find that your home screens already have too many icons. Drag an icon over another icon to form a folder. The icon can be a shortcut to an app or to another object, such as a contact or webpage. If more shortcuts are required, you can add them to the folder. After opening the folder with a tap, tap its name.

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