How To Delete A Blank Page In Google Docs – Guide

You are working on an important article in Google Docs. I’m sure you want it to look perfect. Once you’ve written down all your ideas in Google Docs, the next step is to format them in the correct order. Now that you’ve finished adding relevant titles, images, and graphics to Google Docs, what if you find an extra page in the middle?! To hold on! Do not panic. Don’t let the extra page in GDocs come between you and your content. Make a promotion, letter, thesis or book with your content in GDocs. You should be pleased to know that deleting pages in Google Docs Online is simple. if you are wondering how to delete a page in Google Docs, there are a few ways to delete a page. Here we’ll take a look at some tips in how to delete a page in Google Docs online.

How to Delete a Blank Page in Google Docs

pressing delete

So, you tried pressing Backspace, and it didn’t work. Just returned to the previous page. Yes, that’s how Google Docs and MS Word work. However, you probably haven’t tried pressing Delete. In this case, the deletion button will quickly get rid of that unwanted blank page. Here it is how to Knife.

Check custom spacing

If Google Docs is told to insert an amount of space after a paragraph automatically, this could result in a new page in the final of the document. To see if custom spacing is the culprit, try the following steps.

Adjust page breaks

Page breaks don’t happen very often, but they do. Sure, you might not remember navigating to Insert and adding a page break, but that’s not the only way it happens. The shortcut for inserting a page break is ‘Ctrl + Enter.’ If your little finger (or any other finger) passes over the ‘Ctrl’ key, you may accidentally insert a page break. In these circumstances, you can quickly delete the new page break, but you won’t be able to delete it or use Backspace if it’s in the middle of the text.

change the margins

If your margin settings are too big, Google Docs tries to insert space at the bottom but ends up adding a blank page. To check if the unwanted page results from a large margin, do the following:

Use section breaks

You can’t call a document “well formatted” if you don’t use section breaks. These will add a lot more organization to your work. To add a section break, try the following steps:

clear formatting

Clear Formatting is a simple tool that lets you switch any text and layout preferences in your document to the default settings. To use the Clear Formatting option, do the following:

Deleting a blank page in Google Docs on an Android device

For many, using Android and Google Docs is the de facto standard, after all, both are maintained by Google. Although the process is very similar to the steps mentioned above, here is a quick demo of how to accomplish it. If you want to delete a blank file, here’s how. These steps also work for deleting files in Google Sheets and Slides.

Deleting a blank page in Google Docs on a Chromebook

If you want to use Google Docs blank page deletion on your Chromebook, look no further. Similar to the steps mentioned above, here is a brief summary of how to Knife.

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