How to delete a Message on WhatsApp – Guide

WhatsApp is releasing a lot of news features lately, especially after its acquisition by Facebook for a staggering $19 billion in 2014. features made the app easier for people to use, including support for voice and video calls. One such update to the app that was introduced some time ago is the ability to delete WhatsApp messages that have already been sent. This one feature has been added for Android, iOS and the web version, and messages can be deleted from individual or group chats, but there are some limitations. When you have an “unsent” or “deleted” message, the recipient will see a post saying “This message has been deleted” instead of the original sent message. This means that the recipient knows that a message has been deleted, but does not know the content of the message. This works for text messages and multimedia messages such as photos, videos and voice messages.

How to delete a whatsapp message

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