How to Delete a Reddit Account – Guide

Anything you post on Reddit will stay online forever. There are several sites that cache Reddit posts and comments. Even if you delete everything you post every 24 hours, it’s easy to find what you’ve posted. If you’re really concerned about keeping confidential information off of Reddit, you should avoid publishing it completely or making it anonymous enough to protect your privacy. Avoid mentioning your employer, friends, family, or your location on Reddit. If you delete your Reddit account, your posts and comments will remain on the site, but your username will change to [deleted]and it’s not easy to find all your posts that way. If you want to quickly delete some sensitive posts and comments, go to your Reddit profile and remove them yourself. To do this, log in to your Reddit account, click on your username in the upper-right corner of the page, and select Profile. Select the Posts tab at the top of the page and click the three dots icon next to any post and select Delete. You can visit the Comments tab and do the same. If you have a lot of posts to delete, you can use a tool like Power Delete Suite to remove everything from your Reddit profile. This is a JavaScript bookmark, which means you can visit the site and drag the red Power Delete Suite button to your browser’s bookmarks bar.

How to delete reddit

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