How to Delete apps on Android Device – Guide

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to let go up space in your phone, You are lucky. I’m a big fan of organizing my phone it’s the final of the year is a great time to reset your Android phone. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably accumulated several apps over time that you no longer use. Whether it’s the last social network everyone participates in or a random game I installed for fun for a few minutes, I have a lot of apps. I have a lot more single-service apps in my app drawer than apps I actually use regularly. Getting rid of them is not always intuitive. Deleting an app on your Android phone or tablet is a simple process if you know where to look and it only takes a few seconds. But, as is often the case with Android phonesnot all phone uses the same method. There is another reason to delete apps from an Android device: bloatware. Some phone manufacturers ship devices with their own email, messaging, and calendar apps, not to mention third-party apps and games that include them by default. You can uninstall many of them, but keep in mind that some system apps cannot be deleted. Don’t worry, we’ll show you too how to disable them and in some cases hide them too so you can almost forget they are there.

How to move apps to app drawer on an android

How to permanently delete apps on an android

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