How to Delete Clubhouse Account on iOS and Android – Guide

O phone Number record based club audio app is growing day by day with invited friends. As we know, each product has its advantages and disadvantages at different levels. Likewise, due to the major privacy issue of the CH app, some users would like to abandon the platform. In the app section, there is no option to deactivate or delete the Clubhouse account without emailing support. because of a moral violation. Also, the company is growing, so it certainly doesn’t pick users to lose its platform.

Steps to Delete Your Clubhouse Account

Check your club email

To delete your clubhouse account, you must verify the email address attached to your clubhouse profile. And to do that, follow the instructions given below.

Disconnect linked social media accounts

Now that you’ve verified your email address, it’s time to move on to your linked social accounts. Log out accounts via the club app or by logging into the specific social media account. The following steps are shown for the clubhouse app to disconnect linked accounts.

Delete Clubhouse App Account (Android and iOS)

Please update the app if you don’t have it to avoid any error deleting your clubhouse account. Follow the steps below on your operating system and complete the deactivation process.

Manual Way for Permanent Deletion

Per the club’s privacy policy, you must contact club support for complete account deletion. So even if you followed step three, you must also complete this specific step to permanently delete the account along with the club data.

Final note

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