How to Delete or Hide Recycle Bin in Windows 11 PC – Guide

The Windows 11 operating system has officially appeared on the computer market and is equipped with a completely new design. With the new Windows 11, Microsoft is putting a lot of focus on design, with significant changes to the icons and UI. Microsoft’s big changes have helped users have more new workspaces. However, the UI settings in Windows 11 have also changed significantly to be more suitable for many people. Settings in Windows 11 are also confusing up, making it difficult for users to redefine. For some computer users, they often hide the Recycle Bin on the computer because this is a secret folder that contains many documents that few people know about. In Windows 11, you can still show and hide the Trash folder on the main screen as usual. Microsoft provides an easy way to show or hide the trash can icon in Windows 11. The trash can works as a safety net; H. When you delete a file or program from your PC, it is saved in the recycle bin. Recycle Bin keeps deleted files safe for you until you intentionally delete them. However, it is also possible to delete a file/folder without moving it to the Recycle Bin; To do this, select the file/folder you want to permanently remove from your PC and press Shift + Delete keys on your keyboard.

Hide all desktop icons

You can hide all the icons on the desktop including the Recycle Bin icon by following this guide.

Hide trash icon through settings

Delete trash icon using Run

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