How to Delete Screenshots on iPhone/iPad – Guide

If your iPhone or iPad storage is full or you just want to clear it up, the built-in Photos app makes it easy to delete screenshots you may not need on your device. Newer versions of iOS and iPadOS have a separate folder just for screenshots. In case you haven’t noticed, iPhone saves selfies and screenshots in their own separate or individual folders and doesn’t mix them up with photos and videos you take with the back. camera from your iPhone. This makes it very convenient to find and delete a specific selfie that you don’t want others to see or release. up the storage space on your iPhone, removing all unwanted selfies and screenshots from your device. If you regularly take screenshots on your iPhone device, the collection can grow quickly. Fortunately, removing screenshots from your iPhone is very easy. Even better, the process is the same for all iPhones and iPads, so you’ll soon learn how to Knife. Whatever the reason, it is very easy to delete selfies and screenshots on iPhone or iPad, as you will see in the following steps.

Delete Screenshots on iPhone or iPad

Follow the steps below to delete screenshots on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Delete Multiple Screenshots from iPhone/iPad

The process is quite similar if you prefer to delete multiple screenshots at once on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s what to do.

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