How to Delete Snapchat Friends – Guide

Snapchat is a social media app for sharing snaps with friends added on Snapchat. You can add people on Snapchat by sending them a friend request. It allows users to share their story with friends of their choice. People share their everyday life on Snapchat. When using Snapchat, you can add friends to your friends list by sending or accepting a friend request. If you want to remove people from your friends list, you can easily remove people from your friends list. The platform is popular for its ability to upload photos and videos that expire after you view them, protecting privacy and encouraging users to live in the moment. If a friend is removed from the friends list, they will not be able to see any of the private stories or charms, but they will still be able to see any public content. Depending on their privacy settings, they will still be able to chat or take pictures. Snapchat may have started out as a fun way to share quirky messages with your friends, but some of your friends just don’t know when to stop. Fortunately, you can block or delete these people so you can use the app for its intended purpose. But what happens when you follow or message someone in the app and decide to delete them from your contact list.

How to Delete friends on Snapchat

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