How to Delete Steam Account Permanently – Guide

Steam doesn’t seem unusual among gaming enthusiasts. Developed by Valve Corporation, Steam distributes video games digitally. In addition to distributing games, this service also offers installation and updates, as well as features. If you already have a Steam account but want to close it for some reason, you need to know how to delete Steam account. Regardless of whether you have lost interest in playing games on this platform or just need computer space, you must delete the account. But before actually deleting your Steam account, it’s important to note that account deletion is permanent, which means your Steam library will be lost. Are you sure you want to delete your Steam account? If yes, watch this to learn how to delete your Steam account. Before proceeding directly to deleting your Steam account, you may need to delete some games from your computer. Steam games undoubtedly take up lots of space on your computer. If this is the problem, all you have to do is save the room by deleting the games instead of deleting the account. How to delete computer games? If you’re sure you won’t be using Steam anytime soon, but know you’ll likely want to come back at some point, you can always choose to temporarily uninstall Steam. However, removing Steam from a Windows computer is slightly different than removing Steam from a Mac.

How to Delete your Steam account

Simply put, there are 3 steps:

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