How to Delete WhatsApp Account – Guide

If you plan to switch to other messaging apps for privacy reasons, you may wonder how to delete your WhatsApp account and collect all data. Don’t worry, we’re here for you. To delete your WhatsApp account and collect all data, just follow a few steps. You may have to wait a few days for data collection as the company takes a long time to send the report. You can also export all chats and media manually. Having a WhatsApp account but missing all the essentials features sounds like a body without a soul. Those who cannot do without WhatsApp and have already adhered to the new data protection declaration must be the majority of users after May 15th. However, if you still don’t click “Accept” and want to continue on WhatsApp, it’s over for good. If you’ve resigned yourself to not touching the green icon when waking up up every morning and switched to other chat apps like Signal or Telegram, consider permanently deleting your WhatsApp account. All personal data shared with other Facebook Companies will also be deleted. Permanently deleting your WhatsApp account will delete your WhatsApp account, delete your message history, delete you from all WhatsApp groups, delete your Google Drive backup, disconnect your phone your account number and delete your phone number from your friends’ WhatsApp contact list.

How to delete your whatsapp account

After selecting Delete my account for the fourth time, your WhatsApp account will be permanently deleted. WhatsApp will delete all data associated with your account from its servers, including any supported data up to Google Drive. If you want to use WhatsApp again, you will need to set up your account from scratch.

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