How To Disable Ads On Realme ColorOS – Guide

We’ve seen Xiaomi use ads in the past to maintain its profit margin on its budget devices. Premium or exclusive devices did not have this UI change. This ad scenario is a MIUI thing and many budget Xiaomi device users have suffered from it. Yes, due to some technicians we can disable this irritant feature from Xiaomi now. However, another smartphone company that has followed in Xiaomi’s footsteps is the strong-progress Oppo sub-brand Realme. Realme has grown 400% since last year and conquered everyone, especially Xiaomi. One of the reasons why people chose Realme over Xiaomi in the recent past is that Realme comes with an ad-free interface. Recently, Realme announced online that all Realme devices running ColorOS 6 or later will receive “Commercial Content Recommendations”. This is no longer just an upcoming change as we are already seeing Realme devices overwhelmed with ads. From now on we will see ads in default phone manager app and security check page app. This is an app that appears every time we install a new app on the device.

How to remove ads from Realme device:

could be a start

In the same community post, Realme argued that ads are important for them to “maintain a healthy and sustainable business model”. Interestingly, Realme’s explanation is in line with Xiaomi’s when the company was asked to explain the intrusive ads on its devices. Xiaomi has long been criticized for throwing too many ads in almost every pre-installed app. Fortunately, technicians have found few workarounds to remove ads on Xiaomi devices. As Realme is starting with ads, we fear that Realme may takeup Xiaomi’s ad model, which launches intrusive ads throughout the UI without providing useful tools to disable them.

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