How to Disable an iPhone – Guide

turning off a phone It might seem easy and self-explanatory, but there are different ways to do this depending on the model of iPhone you have and the version of iOS you are running. How to turn off any iPhone. With the arrival of the iPhone X, the side button that was reserved for controlling the device’s power now brings up Siri, requiring you to do a little extra work to turn on your device. phone outside. Press and hold the side button and any volume button for a few seconds. that will bring up the screen with a slider that you can use to complete the process. Move the slider to the off position and your device will turn off. For years, a physicist button it was the only way to turn off your iPhone. With the iOS 11 update, you can navigate to Settings > General > Power off and power off the device through the operating system. This may seem like an unnecessary option at first, but it is useful if the physical button at the phone doesn’t work or if you have mobility issues that prevent you from gripping or firmly pressing your iPhone buttons.

Turn off iPhone using the Buttons

Turn off your iPhone in Settings

If you are not comfortable using the buttons to turn off your iPhone, you can do it in Settings.

Turn on your iPhone

Turning the iPhone back on hasn’t changed. Press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Restart your iPhone using the Buttons

Restart your iPhone using AssistiveTouch

There are other options for restarting your iPhone if you are not comfortable with the button method.

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