While Android Auto is a useful tool for automotive enthusiasts, many users have reported problems with Android Auto starting while the phone is plugged in or being charged in the car using a USB cable. They want Android Auto turned off right away. We have a remedy for what is turning out to be a prevalent issue among Android users. To quickly fix the problem, simply disable or turn off Android Auto (an app for Android).

Steps to Disable Android Auto

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Disable Android Auto. Go to your phone’s settings, open the search bar, type “automatic launch” into it, then select “Off” to disable Android auto. Android Auto will also be immediately disabled once it is. Android Auto is a simplified version of the operating system on your smartphone. Because you use the platform while driving, it must function clearly and shouldn’t be overly distracting. Although Android Auto is very well-liked and has many happy users, things aren’t always going smoothly.

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