How to Disable Android Notifications – Guide

Notifications are great for knowing when emails arrive or when someone is talking bullshit on Facebook. However, they have a dark side: spam. Developers take advantage of these flashy ads and fill their notification screen with promotions and other useless messages. You can take a stand against this abuse by turning off your notifications. Notifications are a godsend until you need to do something important in your phone. Then notifications become a curse. Picture this: you are sharing a screen during your meeting or class and your friend sends you a very strange message. All meeting participants see the notification. Fortunately, this error can be easily avoided by temporarily disabling notifications on your Android. phone. It is possible to completely disable notifications for specific apps, but sometimes this is too aggressive. Maybe you just need to take a break from distractions. Android Oreo introduced push notifications and is available on many devices. Snooze notifications are available on Google Pixel phones and Samsung Galaxy devices. Availability activated phones and tablets from other manufacturers is limited (and sometimes unavailable). That’s how it works.

Pause All Notifications on Android Using Do Not Disturb Mode

while silencing the phone it’s a way to disable notifications, it just disables audible notifications. You will still have pop-up on screen up notifications. To temporarily disable notifications on Android, you need to enable Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on Android. You can disable all notifications with a single button. You can customize and make exceptions for how and what type of notifications you want to receive. Here it is how to enable it:

Pause notifications for individual apps

The above method allows you to disable notifications for all apps. If you only want to temporarily disable notifications for certain apps, you can do so using the app’s individual notification settings.

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