How to Disable Apple’s Find Network on iPhone, iPad, and Mac – Guide

This allows an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch with Find My networking enabled to be tracked by a native Find My app (on iOS, iPadOS or macOS), while AirTags and the next Where is?” Third-party network accessories are always available for up. Only an iPhone, iPad or Mac can relay these beacons with your location, and that’s feature is disabled: Apple enables it for new devices and will be enabled when you upgrade to iOS/iPadOS 13 or 14 or macOS 10.15 Catalina or 11 Grand Sur . The switch to turn off the Find My network on your device is a bit hidden and its name has changed in a few places: on macOS it was called “Offline Search”. If you need to quickly close everything including location and device tracking, go to Settings > [your name] > Find > Find iPhone. Tap the switch next to Find My iPhone and enter your Apple ID password to disable the service. For iPad users, the instructions are the same, but the options say Find My iPad. You should notice two more options on this screen. Find my network, which can be used to track your device even when offline. Send Last Location automatically sends your location when the battery is low. If you don’t want to disable everything, you can disable one or both of the options to minimize when your location is tracked.

How to use Apple’s Find My network on iPhone

if you defined up the Find My service on your device, it means that the Find My network is already up and in use (unless you turn it off). Context up Find My on iPhone also automatically turns it on for devices that rely on the iPhone, such as smartphones. B. Your Apple Watch. For AirTags (and other compatible trackers and products) to use the Find My network, make sure you’ve set them up up correctly and register them with your Apple ID. Whenever you lose a network-compatible Find My device, open the Find My app to find it. For AirTags and the like, tap the Items tab in the Find My app.

Disable Find My Network on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Disable Find My Network on Mac

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