How to Disable Auto Apps Updates in MIUI – Guide

If you have a Xiaomi smartphone, you must know how annoying it is to see app notifications that are automatically updated in the background. Even if you have disabled Play Store automatic updates, MIUI-based Xiaomi smartphones have their own app store, which is why apps are updated in the background. If you do these two things, not only will you save yourself from annoying app notifications, but you’ll also save a lot of data if you’re using a limited Wi-Fi plan. And even if you have an unlimited Wi-Fi plan, I wouldn’t recommend turning on the automatic updates option because not all updates are aimed at you. Some updates are done simply to add a new language that will not be useful to you. Along with one of the usual MIUI 8 updates, I discovered a new app that comes with the update. It’s called “Apps”, a new parallel app store from Xiaomi. It is a home so that many apps like photo editors, tools, etc. are installed. Just like the Google Play Store, this new app also sends you notifications to update all the apps you have installed frequently. It has an auto-update option that you may need to disable. Here it is how to Disable automatic app updates on MIUI via Mi App Store.

How to Disable automatic app updates on MIUI

How to Disable automatic updates on specific apps

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