How to Disable Auto-Brightness in Windows 10 – Guide

windows laptops and tablets usually come with an auto-brightness feature which causes the screen to appear dark or bright depending on the ambient lighting conditions. While this function is useful, it can also be problematic, leaving you with a very dark and hard-to-see screen. if you find this feature frustrating and would like to disable it, this article is for you. In that guide, we fought how to disable adaptive brightness in Windows 7, 8 and 10 in a few simple steps.

How to turn off automatic brightness in Windows 10

One Windows laptop or tablet uses sensors to detect ambient light levels. The automatic shine feature works in conjunction with these sensors to monitor changes in surrounding lighting and adjust screen brightness accordingly. The easiest way to disable this function on a Windows 10 computer is through the computer’s settings. That’s how it’s done: The automatic shine feature is now disabled and you can navigate back to your home screen. Not all Windows 10 laptops give the option to disable the automatic brightness. In these cases, you can create a new power plan to keep the screen brightness consistent. Here it is how to They do this: Configure this plan to best suit your needs and when you’re done click “Create” and close the windows.

How to disable automatic brightness in Windows 10 registry

If you find that disabling automatic brightness in “Settings” is not working, you can always try to disable it manually through Registry Editor. Working with the registry can be tricky, and modifying it incorrectly can cause serious problems. we suggest you come back up registration before continuing. This method will permanently disable automatic brightness. feature on your Windows 10 device. Here are the steps to follow: Locate the “Windows” key on your keyboard and press it together with the “R” key. This opens the “Run command” line. Type “Regedit” and press “Enter.” Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Intel Display igfxcui profiles media Brighten Movie”. In the right pane, find “ProcAmpBrightness” and right click on it. From the popup menu, choose “Modify.” An “Edit String” box will open. Under “Data Value”, type “0” and click “Ok”. Then locate “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Intel Display igfxcui profiles media Darken Movie” and search for “ProcAmpBrightness.” Right click and select “Modify”. In the box that opens, enter “0” in “Data value” and press “Ok”. Exit the Registry and restart your Windows computer.

How to turn off automatic brightness in Windows 7

Only Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise support Adaptive Brightness. If you have a device with one of these editions of Windows and want to turn off auto-brightness, this is the method to follow:

How to turn off automatic brightness in Windows 8

Turning off automatic brightness on a Windows 8 device is relatively straightforward. This is how you do it:

You can adjust auto brightness with Windows 10 Camera?

Although in development, Windows 10 has not yet released a function to enable or disable Adaptive Brightness on a webcam or camera. However, you have the option to adjust your webcam’s brightness and contrast. Here’s how you adjust these settings: On the keyboard, locate “Windows” button and the “I” key. Press them together. The “Settings” window will open. From this window, navigate to “Devices” and click on it. In the left pane, find the “Camera“And click on it. At the “Camera Settings ”, you will see a list of all installed cameras. Select the camera you want to adjust. On the next screen, scroll down until you reach sliders that let you adjust both “Brightness” and “Contrast”. Move the slider in both options until you are satisfied with the chosen brightness and contrast and close the window. Please share this article if you like it!

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