How to Disable Autocorrect for Android Device – Guide

One of the (many) great things about Android is that it is very customizable. However, it is sometimes difficult to know where to change the settings. Therefore, here we explain how to disable text recognition and autocorrect on Android and configure other keyboard settings. One of the beauties of Android is its customization. Google has added a steady stream of new features that allow you to completely change the look of your device to your liking. As a result, however, some settings can be buried in menus and hard to find. If you’re frustrated that your keyboard is correcting you incorrectly or just want more control over what you type, learn how to disable predictive text. We’re using Android Nougat with the default Android keyboard for this walkthrough, although this remains largely unchanged for the latest versions of Google’s software.

How to disable autocorrect on android

Especially if you type with mixed languages, autocorrect can always cause problems by distorting what your sentence means. If you’re in this shoe, follow the simple steps below to disable autocorrect on Android and gain full control over your text.

How to disable predictive text on android

Like autocorrect, predictive text uses AI to guess your next word as you type, based on your typing history. This feature is very useful if you are the only one typing in your phone. But other people can easily get what you last typed if they type it on your phone making it insecure feature to use if you care about your privacy. Here it is how to disable predictive text on android

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