How to Disable Camera/Mic Access in Android 12 – Guide

The new Android 12 features one of the features disable the camera and microphone. As of Android 12, you no longer need to turn off all sensors on your Android phone to restrict access to camera or microphone. Google’s main focus with Android 12 is to improve data security and user safety. The new Android OS offers a comprehensive set of options that allow users to control app permissions, manage location and improve overall device security. While app permissions feature allows users to manually disable access to a specific application, including access to the camera and microphone, this must be done manually for each app installed on the device. To simplify the process, Google has added a new Camera and Microphone Access switches to the Quick Settings menu that allows users to disable camera and microphone access for all apps at once, including first-party apps like Phone and Camera applications. gives the option. To do this, just follow our article with the individual steps. Note that this feature is part of the Android 12 operating system, so make sure your smartphone up Until the present date.

How to turn off the microphone and camera with android 12

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