How to Disable Control Panel in Windows 11/10 – Guide

Over the past few years, Microsoft has slowly copied options from the old Windows 10 Control Panel into its new Settings app. These days, you can find almost everything you need there, although there are a few select items that can only be customized through the old interface. Therefore, administrators who try to limit their users’ ability to cause problems with their operating system should disable both. Therefore, Microsoft bundles the switch for both, allowing users to disable or enable settings and control panel in Windows 10 at once. This one tutorial will show you how to disable and enable Settings or Control Panel in Windows 10 for specific users. It can also be used to globally restrict access to configuration changes to untrusted users on your system. As you would expect, you must be logged in as an administrator to make these changes.

How to Disable Control Panel on Windows 10 PC

Disable/Enable Control Panel Using Group Policy

Enable Control Panel using Registry Editor

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