How to Disable/Enable Cache in Google Chrome Browser – Guide

Caching can be a big headache when you need to view a constantly updated page such as news, weather, or a forex website. This is even worse for developers who need to run multiple scripts, but the cache does not reflect the latest changes. If you don’t want to continue clicking on update button to see the latest changes to a webpage, consider disabling caching in your browser. Have you ever wondered how most browser related problems can be solved by simply clearing cache data? This is because the difference between the version of the webpage cached on your computer and the version you download from the internet often causes errors and crashes. This ends up ruining your entire browsing experience. To acelerate up rendering the HTML code or to open web pages in less time, the browser saves the data from the cache. The browser stores static files (like CSS stylesheets, JavaScript…) in the local directory. This allows files from the local directory to be used every time, rather than sending a request to the server. But if you’re developing websites, that doesn’t sound right as we make changes often. The browser still stores old data in its cache. Instead of picking up new file changes, the browser uses cached data.

How to Disable Caching in Google Chrome

There are a few ways to disable caching in Chrome. You can use developer tools in Chrome or a third-party extension to disable caching instantly. Here it is how to do both.

Use developer tools

As the name suggests, developer tools are often used by developers when building and testing software. These tools give you access to the inner workings of a web browser. That said, a normal user like you and I can also leverage this tool to prevent Chrome from caching web pages. Here’s how.

use extensions

While the above method works perfectly, it requires you to keep the developer tools open, which ruins the browsing experience. Fortunately, there is a better way to disable caching in Chrome, which involves using a third-party extension. There are several extensions on the Chrome Web Store that can clear cache with a single click, but only a few can prevent Chrome from storing cache data. Among them, Classic Cache Killer is definitely a reliable option. After adding Classic Cache Killer in Chrome, you can prevent Chrome from storing cache data simply by enabling the extension.

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