How to Disable / Enable Widgets Menu on Windows 11 PC – Guide

With the introduction of Windows 11, many new features were added to the Windows operating system. We have Snap layouts, a redesigned taskbar, a Start menu and many other new features. features on Windows 11. One of these features is the Widgets menu. While some users find it useful, others don’t use it and just want to disable it. While there is an option to remove widgets from the Windows 11 taskbar, this post is useful for anyone who wants to disable widgets feature permanently. After disabling widgets feature, the option to enable/disable widgets will not work and will be grayed out. Widgets is an evolution of News and Interests feature from Windows 10. With widgets, you can check weather information, read headlines (about news and sports), and get the latest information from your favorite services. The option to add and customize widgets is also present in Windows 11. You can click the system tray icon to open the pre-added widgets, check the information and add new widgets. Accessing the widgets menu in Windows 11 is also no problem. You can access the menu simply by clicking on the widget icon in the system tray next to the search icon. In addition, you can also access the Widgets menu using the keyboard shortcut Windows + W.

How to Disable / Enable Widgets Menu on Windows 11 PC

Disable Widgets in Windows 11 from Taskbar Context Menu

Disable Windows 11 widgets in taskbar settings

You can also access the taskbar settings to disable Windows 11 widgets. To do so, just follow the steps below:

Using the Windows Settings App

Remove Widgets in Windows 11 Using Registry Editor

Last but not least, advanced users can rely on Registry Editor to disable widgets on their Windows 11 computer. Here’s how it works:

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