How To Disable Facebook Comments – Guide

Taking care of the comments section of your Facebook posts is difficult, especially assuming you run a Facebook business profile with a lot of followers. Being a public stage, Facebook posts are dominated by comments that can be malicious, hostile, questionable and so on. Naturally, Facebook allows everyone to comment on a public post of yours, even individuals who don’t follow you. If you want to have more control over who can comment on your gifts on Facebook and find out how to disable Facebook post comments, luck has smiled on you. Facebook introduced another change that allows you to control who can comment on your Facebook posts.

Managing comments on a specific account

Let’s first review your options for managing comments for a specific account. If someone is bothering you, but you would like to keep them as a friend, follow the instructions below.

Editing Facebook Privacy Settings

By editing your Facebook privacy settings on who can see your posts, you essentially limit the commenting features to those you allow to view your posts and tags.

Edit your activity settings

now that you know how to limit who on Facebook can access your tagged posts and photos, it’s time to adjust privacy settings for individual posts. The “Friends Except…” option allows you to hide your post from selected Facebook users, which means you won’t see their comments either. The same result also applies to the “Specific Friends”, “Close Friends” and “Custom” options. At this point, you’ve limited who can see future posts and tags, and set view exclusions for the specific ones that already exist. Now, it’s time to reduce comments using an indirect alternative.

Use text filters to control Facebook comments

You may not be able to disable Facebook comments, but you can use the text filter to reduce them. Instead of restricting comments that contain words such as “stupid”, “stupid”, “idiot” or others that we cannot name here, you can enter common comments to restrict a larger number of comments. Facebook already selects word filters but there’s a lot more you can hide. Words like “a”, “the”, “and”, “we”, “you” and many others get so used that most comments will not show up on their posts. The only downside to this method is that the person posting the comment still sees it, and so do their friends. Here it is how to restrict comments based on words.

Set Facebook to review tags before posting to your timeline

one more cool trick thing you can do to limit/remove comments on your profile is to require approval for any tagged posts. That way you can review them first and either approve or deny them. When you choose “Deny”, he will not appear on your timeline and no one on your “Friends” list will be able to see or comment on him. Please note that any of your friends who are also friends with the person who tagged you can still comment, but this will not appear on your profile. While none of these workarounds are official, they do give you more control over your personal or business profiles than you previously had.

Delete or hide comments manually

Right now, the most effective option to manage comments on your Facebook posts is to delete or hide them, whether it’s unwanted content or you just don’t want feedback. You can delete or hide any comments on posts you’ve made, but only hide comments on posts made by others.

Deleting comments in Facebook app on Android/iPhone

To delete and remove Facebook app comments, follow these steps:

Delete or Hide Facebook Comments on Windows, Chromebook, Linux or Mac Using Website

Removing or hiding comments from a web browser is simple. Here it is how to Knife. While this may not be an ideal solution, as a simple checkbox that permanently disables comments does give you some control over unwanted content.

How to Disable comments on Facebook Pages and Groups

Facebook has created a way to disable comments on Facebook pages and groups, but you need to be the group admin or the original author.

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