How to Disable Firefox Suggest Sponsored Ads in the Address bar – Guide

If you want to know what Firefox Suggest is feature that displays sponsored ads and website suggestions in the address bar of Mozilla Firefox, what information does this feature collect and send and how to fully integrate this feature in Mozilla Firefox browser How to turn off or disable this article will help you. If you’re a Firefox user, you may have noticed sponsored suggestions in your address bar over the past few months. If you search for “best wireless surround sound system” or “budget drone”, you may receive a link to a specific product or website at the bottom of the search results. This is Firefox Suggest, a feature introduced with Firefox version 92 to “bring relevant information and websites to help you achieve your goals”. This one feature provides “suggestions” based on your bookmarks, browser history and open tabs. The browser is spreading the feature as a time-saving tool (sometimes pulls up Wikipedia links or blog posts you are likely to find after a normal search), but an open door to sponsored posts, otherwise known as paid ads. and also. Firefox Suggestions is a new feature introduced in Firefox version 92 (some Firefox users got the feature in version 93). As the name suggests, Firefox suggestions feature displays website suggestions as soon as the user starts typing in the address bar or search bar.

Disable Suggestions and Sponsored Ads in Mozilla Firefox

To disable ads in Mozilla Firefox, follow the next steps:

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