How to Disable FLoC in Google Chrome – Guide

The FloC is part of Google’s controversial plan to change the world of advertising. The central idea is to change the way users are tracked on the internet. Instead of tracking individual users, FLoC features technology that allows advertisers to track users based on cohorts, groups of like-minded users. FLoC is beneficial for Google, but not so much for Internet users. The EFF called the FloC a bad idea, mainly because it’s not as private or better than Google announced. Most Chromium-based browser manufacturers categorically reject FLoC. Brave and Vivaldi already block FLoC in the browser. Chrome Canary Build 93.0.4528.0 now comes with a setting to control FLoC directly. The flag is available in all versions of Chrome and has the following description: Enables the second set of privacy sandbox settings. Also requires #privacy-sandbox-settings to be enabled When enabled, it unlocks the FLoC toggle which gives users control over the feature. The only way to make sure that FLoC doesn’t come close to your browsing is to use a browser other than Google Chrome. Most of them offer better functionality than Google Chrome anyway at this point.

Disable FLoC in Google Chrome

Please be aware that the settings page to disable FLoC in Google Chrome may not be available on your computer. That’s because Google has not yet made FLoC available to all users in all regions. If you can’t access the FLoC settings, there’s no need to worry about this technology just yet. Missing settings means that FLoC is not working on your computer.

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