How to Disable Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool – Guide

Typically, this process does not use a lot of operating system resources and continues to run silently in the background. But sometimes it causes high CPU usage. We can fix this issue, but first we need to know what Software Reporter Tool is and then we will discuss different ways to disable or delete this process. Please note that this guide it is for Windows users only. Users using other operating systems can consult their file system and find the components mentioned in the manual. We have tested all the methods below on Windows 10. The process may be slightly different if you are a Windows 7 user. The Google Chrome Software Reporter tool scans the system for unwanted software applications or corrupt or conflicting browser processes. It’s part of the Chrome cleanup tool. This tool’s only job is to inform Chrome about software that may be conflicting with the browser. It also acts as a software removal tool, software that tries to degrade Chrome’s performance. The scan results will determine whether or not Chrome will prompt the user to remove the conflicting program. As part of Chrome’s setup, it cannot be uninstalled from Control Panel.

How to Disable the Software Reporter tool step by step

Therefore, it is better to disable Software Reporter Tool by removing the permissions so that no user has access to the folder. Here are the detailed steps. In the new window, uncheck the Include inheritable permissions from the parent of this object option and choose Remove in the dialog that appears up. Then the Software Reporter tool will be disabled in Windows 7.

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