Even if it seems like a minor inconvenience, being in constant headphone mode prevents you from taking crucial calls without removing your headphones. Also, it takes time to show music, videos and other media to others without messing around. up a commotion. android phones automatically detects connected headphones and switches to headphone mode when you connect a pair to the device. Unfortunately, sometimes, even after taking the headphones off, your phone will remain in headphone mode. Even if headphones are not connected, the phone believe they are. There are ample solutions to solve this problem. We have mentioned below the steps to disable headphone mode on Android.

Steps to Disable Headphone Mode on Android

Connecting and disconnecting headphones from the jack

Step 1: insert your headphone plug into the audio jack of the Android device. Step 2: To spin the headphone plug gently into the jack. Step 3: To remove the headphone plug from the audio jack.

Android device audio jack inspection and cleaning

The audio jack on your Android device is a huge hole that lets in lint, water, and dirt. Also, if your device’s audio jack is full of junk, you might mistake that debris for your headphone plug. If you believe that accumulated junk is what keeps your Android device in headphone mode all the time, take the following steps: Step 1: Take a flashlight and check the surface for lint, dust, or water. audio jack from your Android device. Step 2: If you find debris collected inside the audio jack, get a Q tip Thin enough to fit him. Step 3: Carefully insert what tip on the audio input at the bottom. Step 4: Once the Q tip hits the bottom of the audio jack, smoothly to spin sometimes. Step 5: Gently pull the Q tip from the audio jack and verify that this method has removed debris. Step 6: If repeating these 5 steps does not resolve the issue, try adding double-sided tape to the Q tipacaba before reinserting to the audio jack.

Restart your Android device

Resetting your Android device only involves a short reboot. When your Android smartphone restarts, all potentially problematic apps that are obstructing the operation of the audio jack on your phone are closed. To reset your device, follow these steps: Step 1: Locate the “Power🇧🇷 button on your Android device and long press it. Step 2: After long pressing the “Power” button the device will make you choose between 3 or 4 options on what you want to do with the device. Step 3: Touching the button “Restart” or “restart🇧🇷 button will automatically turn off the Android device temporarily.

Resetting your Android device

You may not understand the distinction between a soft and hard reset if you are not a technician. All your phone’s apps will be closed while the data in your RAM (Random Access Memory) is erased without damaging your personal information. The programs, files, and settings you’ve made on your Android device are all deleted though, when you perform a hard reset, also known as a factory reset. He restores your phone to the condition you found it in when you first bought it from the store.

Android device soft reset

Step 1: Long press the button “Power🇧🇷 button🇧🇷 Again, most Android devices have their “Power” buttons located on your right side. Step 2: Long pressing the “Power” button button will make you choose between turning off the device or restarting this. Step 3: turn your android device long pressing the “Power” button button again. Step 4: wait for your phone for charge up🇧🇷

Hard Reset of your Android device

Step 1: On your Android device, locate the “Definitions” application. Step 2: slide up the “Settings” page until you find “General Administration.” Touch him. Step 3: slide up again on the “General Management” page until you see the “reset“option. Press once. Step 4: Tap “factory data reset” when on the “Reset” page. Step 5: On some Android devices, you will be asked to confirm your decision by pressing the “delete all🇧🇷 button before the hard reset starts.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to Disable headphone mode on Android. When you plug in headphones, your phone instantly detects them and switches to headphones mode. This is cool featurebut it can be annoying if your phone assumes your headphones are always on. Our goal was to help you remove the headphones from your phone🇧🇷 It should now be simple for you to switch between listening privately and sharing your media with anyone who wants to listen with you. Alternatively, take urgent calls without fumbling with your headset.

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