How To Disable Mouse Acceleration on Windows 11 PC – Guide

Many people prefer to disable mouse acceleration while gaming on Windows 11 because it interferes with accurate aiming while gaming. If you want to improve your gaming experience on your PC, please disable mouse acceleration. You have the option to disable mouse acceleration in Windows 11. If you don’t know how to disable mouse acceleration in Windows 11, you’ve come to the right place. Anyone who plays video games may be familiar with this feature and mostly disable or disable this feature to stabilize cursor movements on your screen. once that feature is disabled, the cursor will only move a fixed distance based on mouse physical activity. Microsoft has implemented feature for Windows users who work slowly or move the mouse slowly. By implementing this feature, users feel they have the mouse under their control, as it travels a greater distance and speed at which the cursor moves across the screen in response to the speed of the physical mouse on a surface.

How to Enable or Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows 11

As mentioned above, mouse acceleration feature remains enabled with the default Windows 11 setting. However, you can enable or disable this feature based on your needs. If mouse acceleration feature is causing unwanted problems, you can disable it feature. However, if mouse cursors up less space than you would like, you can enable this feature: your PC, your choice and your needs. Nobody can stop you. Just continue with more steps.

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