How to Disable Notifications in Windows 11 PC – Guide

A news app can alert you to the latest headlines, an email app will let you know when you have new email, and your chat app will alert you to new messages that need your attention. All this, as well as messages from Windows itself, can be handled by Notifications in Windows 11. Here we will show you how to manage, configure and make the most of notifications so you are always up updated with the information you need from your apps and operating system, but not overwhelmed. Windows 11 shows notifications in the lower right corner of the screen, 24/7 on the taskbar – and you don’t need to do any configuration to get things working. You will know when you receive a new notification because it appears up just to get your attention. The type of notification you receive depends on the action you take. Some notifications have everything you need to know, while others, like those that tell you about a new email, require a click to take you to the app that generated the message so you can learn more. When a notification pops up, you don’t have to deal with it right away. You can just ignore it until you have time or click on the ‘x’ button in the top right corner of the pop-upup.

Turn all Windows 11 notifications on or off via the Settings menu

Turn Windows specific notifications on or off via the Settings menu

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