How to Disable Personalized Ads on Google/YouTube – Guide

Many websites and content providers these days rely on ads for revenue or even to cover their basic operating costs. While ad blockers are affordable, they can have a negative impact on a website’s ability to make a profit and stay active. You may not want to ban all ads from a site or creator if you like their material. Disabling targeted ads in this situation may be a reasonable compromise. This means you will no longer see personalized ads based on your recent search history or user profile. Instead, you’ll see generic ads that can be targeted at anyone. we will teach you how to Please disable targeted ads across all Google services, including YouTube, in this post. I will teach you too how to prevent some types of advertising content from appearing on your screen. If you find some topics unpleasant – or if you’re simply tired of seeing the same bunch of personalized ads over and over again – this can make the web a safer and more enjoyable place.

How to Knife

1. Disable personalization

If you want to disable personal ads altogether, Google makes things easy and enjoyable. Just find the “Ad Customization” slider and push it to the “Off” position. At this point, Google will warn you about the negative consequences of disabling ad personalization. This includes losing your ad preference settings and finding ads that are completely irrelevant. Read the disclaimer and if you want to continue, click “Disable”. You should no longer find personalized ads across all Google services.

2. Exclude non-Google activities

By default, Google uses your data to personalize the ads you find on Google’s partner apps and third-party websites. You can prevent Google from using your Google Account activity and data in these third-party ads. It’s important to note that even after deleting non-Google activities, you may still encounter personalized ads on third-party websites and apps. However, these ads will not be based on your Google Account activity and data. To prevent Google from using your data in these third-party ads, click to expand the “Advanced” section. Uncheck the following checkbox: “Also use your activity and information from Google services…” Read the disclaimer and if you want to continue click “Delete”.

3. Get more control over your personalized ads

You may want to leave personalization enabled, but adjust the type of personalized ads you encounter. This can be useful if you keep seeing the same bunch of annoying ads over and over again. There may also be a chance that Google has misidentified your interests or a personal characteristic, such as your age, relationship status, or location. By customizing your advertiser settings, you can help Google show you more relevant ads. You can also customize these settings if you are being exposed to content that you find distressing. For example, you can block ads related to gambling and alcohol. To edit your advertising profile, scroll down to the “How your ads are personalized” section. This section contains information that Google has collected from your accounts, such as your age and gender. It also displays information inferred based on your browsing history, such as your marital and parental status. Finally, this list includes topics and areas that Google believes you might be interested in. When you find an item you want to remove from your profile, click on it and select “Disable”. This will reduce your chances of finding ads related to this item. When you find an item you want to remove from your advertiser profile, click on it and select “Deactivate”. Google will no longer use this information to influence your targeted ads.

4. Disable ad categories on YouTube

At the time of writing, Google is testing a feature which allows you to block ads related to alcohol and gambling. This feature It’s still in beta, so it might not be available for your specific Google account. To check if these settings are available, scroll to the bottom of the Ad Settings page. If you find a “Disable ad categories on YouTube” section, you will have the option to opt out of all ads that fall into the displayed categories.

Final note

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