How to Disable Personalized Recommendations on Google TV – Guide

Chromecast with Google TV is an updated version of Chromecast. The device has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface. You can use the remote control to navigate. With Google TV, you can watch streaming in 4K quality. And it offers many functions. However, Google TV home screen is filled with recommendations. If you don’t want to see your personalized recommendations on Google TV, turn on apps-only mode. The Apps Only mode on Google TV hides your personalized recommendations and is useful, especially if you don’t want to share these titles with guests. but if you’re not a fan of being constantly bombarded with Google TV recommendations, especially on a shared device where those recommendations can be skewed, here it is. how to turn off personalized recommendations and enter apps-only mode on Google TV. Disabling recommendations will remove your watchlist access feature, your Google Play Movies library, the search tab, and Google Assistant functionality. Also, you may not like or dislike the content. After that, open “Accounts & Login” and go to your account on the right side. You can press right navigation button on the remote to jump to the right panel. Apps Only mode does not show the Library on home screen. So, open the YouTube or YouTube TV app and go to Library -> Purchases. Now you can access all movies and shows on Google TV. You can also stream media content from your mobile to the TV connected to Google TV.

How to Disable recommendations on Google TV

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