How to Disable Pop-Up Notifications in Google Chrome – Guide

Notifications, whether in the Google Chrome browser or elsewhere, can be some of the most useful things ever. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are always desirable. Whether intrusive or annoying, notifications can also be a productivity killer. Or just annoying. Fortunately, there is a way to disable notifications in Chrome and turn them off completely. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean this is as easy or intuitive as some would like. Google tends to hide these types of settings in the app’s settings menu. However, the process is similar enough across all available platforms that learning how to turning off notifications in chrome for a platform should be helpful in learning how to turn them off elsewhere. It almost goes without saying that this article is exactly about that. So without further ado, let’s dive into How to disable unwanted pop-ups and notifications in your Google Chrome browser.

How to disable pop-Up Notifications in Google Chrome

If you only want to allow a small number of specific websites to send notifications to websites like Twitter and Gmail, for example, you can add them as whitelist exceptions on the same Chrome settings page:

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