How to Disable reserved storage on a Windows 11 PC – Guide

This will reserve disk space to allow your computer to run with reasonable performance and successful device updates. Windows 11/10 will automatically clear the reserve storage when the primary disk runs out of free space and needs more space for Windows updates or other processes. However, it may vary due to various factors such as disk space, processes, number of installed apps, etc. In most cases, you don’t want to delete the reserved disk space because it’s vital for Windows. If you don’t see Reserved Storage listed, it’s probably because your device has limited hard drive space or isn’t a fresh or recent install if you have this feature and you don’t want to use it. Here it is how to disable it. Additionally, Reserved Storage is automatically enabled on new PCs with Windows 10 pre-installed, v1903, and for new installations. It will not activate if you upgrade from a previous version of Windows 10. However, it is not recommended as it is required by Windows 11/10 to run smoothly. When troubleshooting Windows, or for any reason if you delete this reserved memory, we recommend that you create it again. In layman’s terms, you should know that Windows 11 reserves approximately 7GB of device space for updates and optional files.

Enable or disable reserved storage using the registry

Here’s what you should know about reserved storage. If you disable it, chances are you won’t be able to re-enable it. I tried it on my existing computer and it didn’t work. So, now that you’ve chosen to disable reserved storage, you need to use Registry Editor. Open Registry Editor by typing regedit at the RUN prompt and pressing the Enter key.

Double-click the ShippedWithReserves DWORD and set the value to 1. Restart your computer and Storage Storage will no longer be available.

How to reduce the size of reserved storage

If you want to reduce the reserved storage space, there are two ways from now on:

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