How To Disable Resource Hungry Chrome Extensions – Guide

You can reduce the number of resources used by finding extensions that just don’t work well and removing them. The good news is that you don’t need to install another app to find these resource-intensive Chrome extensions. The browser has its own task manager that can help you find these naughty extensions so you can decide whether or not you want to uninstall them. The last thing you probably want to do is install another extension to control other extensions. With the built-in task manager, you can look at these misbehaving Chrome extensions and see if they are really using too many resources or not. To open Chrome’s Task Manager, go to More Tools > Task Manager. If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts, you can also use the Shift + Esc keys. You will not find any option to uninstall the Chrome extension from there. If you clicked on the wrong extension and you want to start it again, click on the three dots and go to More tools and then Extensions. Click on the Reload button button. It’s best not to have too many tabs open. You might have some open thoughts that you might need them, so keep them open just in case. Before you know it, you’ve opened so many tabs that you’re struggling to find the ones you need.

How to Disable or Delete Resource Hungry Chrome Extensions

During the process of searching for resource-intensive Chrome extensions, you may find some extensions that you are using again. You may also find extensions that you will need to delete because they are consuming too much RAM.

Where to find resource-intensive Chrome extensions

Google Chrome is a feature-rich browser. You must be used to closing your Chrome tabs for free by now up space in your RAM, but what you don’t know is that extensions run in the background all the time and consume a lot of system resources. Here it is how to find and disable these resource hungry Chrome browser extensions. Just like on your Windows or Mac computer, Chrome has its own built-in task manager. From here, you can see how many resources a tab, app, or extension is using.

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