How to Disable Share Sheet’s Contact Suggestions on iPhone – Guide

Aside from the Control Center, one part of iOS that Apple is (without a doubt) constantly changing and improving is the Share Leaf. The share sheet is what you see when you click share button on your iPhone or iPad. one of the new features What Apple introduced with iOS 13 was the ability to view contacts in the share sheet. Depending on who you’re talking to, Siri uses AI to show those contacts in the share sheet. However, many people don’t like it. feature how is it necessary up too much space on the share sheet and not customizable. Well, in iOS 14, you can finally remove contact suggestions from the share sheet. In this article, we will show you how to remove specific contact suggestions from the share sheet.

How to Turn suggested contacts on or off in Share leaf

To turn contact suggestions on or off in the share sheet: Enabling the Suggestions when sharing option will display this row of suggested contacts, which learns from your behavior to suggest recent and frequent contacts. Turning this off will remove the line completely and prevent Siri from suggesting contacts when you’re sharing content.

How to Customize which suggested contacts appear

If you just want to hide a specific contact or iMessage group chat from suggestions, there is a way to do that without disabling the entire line. To remove a specific contact suggestion:

Show what you want in Share leaf

When Siri-suggested contacts include the person you’re looking for, the feature it might look like magic. But if you get frustrated more often than surprised by it, you can easily turn it off. After changing this setting, look for more ways to customize the share menu on your iPhone or Mac to suit your needs.

Final note

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