How to Disable SmartScreen Filter on Windows 11/10 PC – Guide

Windows 10 includes several tools to protect you, including Windows Defender and Sandbox. Most of the time, these are useful tools that help protect your computer, but you may find some are more annoying than helpful. One such nuisance is SmartScreen, which is used by Windows 10 to block malware installation. At least that’s the theory. In practice, the tool tends to get in the way and slow you down when trying to install a new application. How to turn off SmartScreen. THE feature It has been around since before Windows 10, but over the years it has become not only part of Microsoft’s operating system, but also the Edge browser. SmartScreen is responsible for checking the websites you visit in Edge and warning you if they are potentially dangerous. But even if you are using a different web browser, you may still encounter SmartScreen when trying to run a downloaded executable.

How to Disable Windows SmartScreen Filter

although that feature looks pretty good and a must have for your PC. But sometimes you may get the warning message when installing apps from trusted resources. if you are getting this warning frequently and want to disable Smart Screen Filter in Windows 10. Follow the steps below to control SmartScreen settings for apps and files, Microsoft Edge and Store apps individually.

Allow an app to bypass SmartScreen in Windows 10

If you notice that SmartScreen blocks any specific app from running, you can allow that app to bypass SmartScreen by following the steps below.

Disable SmartScreen Filter Using Windows Security

Disable Windows Smart Screen Using Registry Edit

Also, you can disable or reduce smart screen security using registry editing.

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