How to Disable Spectator mode in PUBG Mobile – Guide

actually this feature It ends up being great in many ways. This allows the user to better understand and understand their friend’s strategies and improve just by watching a little gameplay. Other than that, the feature it also helps to pass the time while waiting for a friend to finish the game. However, many players consider this feature an invasion of privacy. It could be, or just that you don’t want to share your particular strategies with others. If you think these are legitimate reasons, here we will say how to turn off this spectator mode feature. Follow the steps below to disable this mode so that no one can see your games. Game developer Tencent Games has partnered with Capcom to release Survive till Dawn mode and Darkest Night mode, which is an evolved version of Zombie mode. It is one of features Added in this update was Spectator Mode. The game is very popular on Google Play Store on Android and App Store on iOS. For those who haven’t played the game yet, let me tell you that it’s a battle royale game where you have to survive until the end. At the same time though, you must kill and avoid being killed by other players.

How to disable spectator mode in PUBG Mobile?

Well, disabling Spectator Mode in PUBG Mobile it’s easy and users can do it without modifying any files. The settings to turn off spectator mode are already there in Settings, but as the game offers so many settings, the option to disable spectator mode goes unnoticed. So if you want to disable Spectator Mode, here we are going to share a step by step tutorial which will help you turn off Spectator Mode permanently. So let’s check how to turn off spectator mode in PUBG Mobile.

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