How to Disable Sticky Keys on Windows 11 PC – Guide

Windows 11 includes StickyKeys feature to help users who cannot hold down multiple keyboard keys at the same time. not a new feature from Windows 11; It was also available on earlier versions of Windows operating systems. However, if you’re new to Windows, you might have a hard time finding this option. Those who cannot hold multiple keys on the keyboard at the same time can activate this Sticky Keys feature on your computers. It is useful in many cases. For example, to copy a text, file or folder, we usually use the CTRL + C keys at the same time. With Sticky Keys enabled, you can press “CTRL” and then “C” keys individually to copy a text/file/copy a folder. You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly turn StickyKeys on or off. To do this, quickly press the Shift key five times. It enables Sticky Keys in Windows 11. Windows 11 will ask if you want to enable Sticky Keys. Press Yes to turn it on and No to turn it off.

How to Disable StickyKeys in Windows 11

You can disable StickyKeys in Windows 11 through the Accessibility option in the Settings app, as follows:

Through the Control Panel

Follow the steps listed below to disable StickyKeys in Windows 11 via Control Panel:

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