While the functionality can undoubtedly speed up up application loading time, may occasionally result in problems with high CPU and RAM utilization The service that is connected to Superfetch is called SysMain. Your responsibility is to maintain and continually improve system performance. In the System32 folder you can find it. While Services remains the same, Windows 10 has changed the display name from Superfetch to SysMain. This is how to disable SysMain if you need to disable them manually for any reason. Recently, many Windows 11 customers have complained about excessive CPU consumption of their computers. Further investigation revealed that Service Host: SystMain was to blame for the excessive CPU and RAM usage. Superfetch is set to start automatically on boot by default. However, there are a few different ways to stop the service. So below steps to disable Superfetch in Windows 11.

Steps to Disable Superfetch in Windows 11

Step 1: Press the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R to launch the Run dialog box. step 2: Model services.msc and click OK step 3: When the services console opens, double-click the SysMain option and press the Stop button button. step 4: Then click on the drop-down menu next to Start type and set it to Off. Step 5: click To apply and OK to close the Services console.

Final Words

To save time, the function tracks your aperture patterns and preloads programs into memory. For example, Superfetch will load specific software automatically if you open it at a specific time every day. If your computer runs out of memory, Superfetch will delete some of the loaded programs to free up up HIT. It will only use the unused portion of memory. You can get a general sense of how it works from this. However, some customers want to disable Superfetch in Windows 11 as they felt it slowed it down significantly. Here are three solutions if you are facing the same issue.

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