How to Disable the Built-in Password Manager in the Browser – Guide

Everything from our social media accounts to online bank accounts and food orders to our work websites require a password to keep your information safe and secure. Modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc. offer a built-in password manager that saves all passwords entered on different websites. About that feature is useful most of the time, it can often become annoying as it prompts you to save passwords for websites that are not important. Some may also worry that it’s not safe enough. Here we show you how to disable password manager in different web browsers. Modern browsers often come with their own versions of a password manager, but there are a lot of problems with built-in password managers. Firstly, they can conflict with non-browser-based password management software that you may be using at the same time, which can lead to login issues or even security contradictions. Secondly, browser-based password managers are not that secure because they are built into your browser and are therefore not encrypted vaults. Browsers can be hacked and personal information (including these passwords) can be exposed.



fire Fox

Microsoft edge

Internet Explorer

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