How to Disable Transparency in Windows 11 PC – Guide

To make Windows more beautiful and give them a fluid nature, Microsoft has added transparent effects to their user interface in Windows 11. They look great in color, especially when using colorful desktop backgrounds. The taskbar and context menu appear transparent and contain background color tones. Its color changes according to the background color applied to the desktop. When the settings open, select “Accessibility” in the sidebar and click on “Visual Effects” on the right side of the settings window. If you’re looking for a way to disable them, we have two solutions for that. Let’s see what they are and how to disable transparency in windows 11. I personally like transparency feature. It adds a more aesthetic feel to the new Windows, but it might not necessarily be your thing. Depending on the background colors, the taskbar and context menu will look different. the transparency feature it is on by default, but you can turn it off in the settings.

How to Disable Transparency in Windows 11 through Personalization Settings

To disable transparency in Windows 11 using Personalization settings: If we go into the details of the process, then right-click on the Windows 11 desktop and select Customize from the context menu. It will open the personalization settings. Click the Colors tab among the Customization options. This will take you to the Color customization page. On that page, you can see the transparency effects with a toggle button in the corner. Enable this option to disable transparency effects.

Disable Transparency in Windows 11 via Accessibility Settings

Open the Settings app from the Start menu or using the Win+I keyboard shortcut. In the Settings window, click Accessibility on the left side menu. In the accessibility options, select the Visual Effects tab to see various settings for effects performed in the Windows UI.

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