With Wi-Fi calling, you can make calls and send texts utilizing a reliable wireless internet connection rather than your carrier’s cellular network, which is a fantastic feature. This functionality might be quite helpful in places with weak cell service. Wi-Fi calling, however, just isn’t necessary for many of us and serves as a means to only send our phones more more annoying notifications. When it comes to call reliability and voice quality, Wi-Fi calling is superior to cellular calling. When you use Wi-Fi calling rather than only using your mobile carrier to make calls, you even save some battery life and bandwidth. However, it becomes irritating if you are frequently barraged with reminders to disable Wi-Fi calling or pay attention to some other setting. Additionally, having this feature turned on is not necessary given the daily expansion of mobile carrier coverage. We mentioned below are the steps to disable Wi-Fi Calling on Android.

Steps to disable Wi-Fi Calling on Android

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your phone Step 2: Go to Wi-Fi & Network Step 3: Tap on SIM & Network (once again, this might be called something different on your phone) Step 4: If your phone has support for multiple SIMs, tap on the SIM that you want WiFi calling to be disabled on Step 5: Scroll down and under “Enhanced Communications”, make sure that WiFi calling has been toggled off

Final Words

We Hope you like our article on how to turn off Wi-Fi Calling on Android. Making voice calls over a Wi-Fi network is now possible with the addition of the Wi-Fi calling capability to LTE-enabled smartphones. Although it was added for greater connectivity, this function is also crucial for privacy and emergency situations. No matter how many signal bars are currently on your smartphone, Wi-Fi calling will guarantee that you have maximum connectivity when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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