You can say goodbye to living without enormous doses of radiation in your body if you’re caught on camera. It doesn’t matter to Fia because she’ll simply reset like everyone else. If you don’t want to perish in excruciating radioactive anguish, there is a method to derail her intentions before encountering her. You don’t even require (much) stealth. The best approach to stop Fia is to personally turn off the nuclear meltdown. You’ll need to uncover a hidden blueprint and apply what you’ve learned to the reactor. We have mentioned below to Disarm Fia’s Reactor In Deathloop

How To Disarm Fia’s Reactor In Deathloop

Before tackling the reactor, you should go to Fia’s workshop to get a schematic of the reactor. You’ll be able to disarm it correctly if you have it. You’re firing in the dark without it, and missing means you’ll have to cope with a large explosion. Fia’s workshop is located on level zero. It will be located close to the elevator shaft, which can be accessed from the facility’s rooftop entrance. It’s to the left of the elevator, behind a hackable door adjacent to a sensor. You can, however, sneak inside by breaking the window. A reactor blueprint, located in the back of the workshop, will show you the order of the wires you must cut in order to prevent the reactor from exploding.

Once you have the information, you can proceed to the reactor in Fia’s complex. You can find it beneath her bed. It resembles a huge missile. If the facility’s alarms ever go off, you should come immediately here and hack the panel behind it to gain access to the cables. The wires must then be severed in the right order as stated on the plan. It was the red, green, blue, and then yellow wire for us. It may differ depending on your playthrough.

Final Words

We hope like our article on How To Disarm Fia’s Reactor In Deathloop. There’s a lot to learn in and around Fia’s bunker in Deathloop, but if you go in guns blazing or otherwise set her off, she’ll panic and create an explosion, killing everyone. As a result, you’ll want to disable the reactor quietly, which is a hard process—but Deathloop wouldn’t be Deathloop if it was straightforward, would it.

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