How to Disconnect Spotify From Facebook – Guide

If you use Spotify and Facebook, you might be wondering how to connect or disconnect Spotify and Facebook. By connecting the two accounts, you can easily log in to Spotify from anywhere without having to remember a separate password, and this will allow you to find and follow your friends. Click on the little arrow in the upper right corner of the screen and a drop-down menu will appear. Then click on “Settings”. For the uninitiated, Spotify gives you the option to subscribe up with a Facebook account. This, of course, would automatically connect and integrate Spotify and Facebook. The option to disconnect Spotify from Facebook is only available to those who created their Spotify account with an email and then connected their Facebook account. If this is the case for you, open the Spotify desktop app and go to Settings again. Scroll down to Social and click the button button that says DISCONNECT FROM FACEBOOK. If you originally created your Spotify account using a Facebook account, you will not see a “DISCONNECTED FACEBOOK” button under “Social”.

How to disconnect your Spotify account from your Facebook account

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