How To Display Day of the Week in Windows 11/10 PC Taskbar – Guide

Use the taskbar for more than just viewing your apps and checking the time. You can customize it in many ways, change the color, pin your favorite apps to it, and move or rearrange the taskbar. buttons. You can also check the battery status and temporarily minimize any open programs so you can have a look at your desktop. By default, Windows 11/10 does not add the day of the week (eg Sunday, Monday, etc.) to the taskbar clock. To show the days of the week, you need to click on the clock on the taskbar and the calendar layout will open. Here you can see the day on the calendar. But what if you want to show the day of the week on the taskbar clock? Is there a way to do this? Yes, it is possible in Windows 11 and Windows 10 to display days of the week directly before the date.

How to display the day of the week on the Windows 10 taskbar

How it works

The taskbar in Windows 10 uses the “short date” format to display the current date. By adjusting the default value, you can display additional information. In the example above, we added a new part that expands to the day of the week. The only downside here is that the change affects all applications that use the small date format. This is a long-standing issue in Windows that does not allow the date format to be independently customized for the taskbar system tray. Alternative operating systems, eg Linux, support this in many desktop environments. Maybe one day Windows will allow us to do the same.

Final note

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